Haiku Dude - Robert Terrell
Welcome to refracted moon haiku blog. I’m poet Robert Terrell and these are my original English haiku.

But are they really haiku? Here’s what the Haiku page on Facebook has to say about traditional and “English” haiku:

In Japanese, hokku and haiku are traditionally printed in one vertical line (though in handwritten form they may be in any reasonable number of lines). In English, haiku are written in three lines to equate to the three parts of a haiku in Japanese that traditionally consist of five, seven, and then five ON (the Japanese count sounds, not syllables; for example, the word “haiku” itself counts as three sounds in Japanese (ha-i-ku), but two syllables in English (hai-ku), and writing seventeen syllables in English produces a poem that is actually quite a bit longer, with more content, than a haiku in Japanese). The kireji (cutting word or pause) usually comes at the end of either the first or second line. A haiku traditionally contains a KIGO (season word) representative of the season in which the poem is set, or a reference to the natural world.

I do write my “3-liners” in a strict 5-7-5 syllable format. That works well for me. It’s been a good creative form and discipline. But as noted above, English syllables are not the “ON” of traditional haiku. And, I’ve written many, many of my own haiku-like poems that don’t have a KIGO at all and don’t refer to a season or the natural world, strictly speaking. Of course we could get into a discussion about just what constitutes the natural world. But that’s not for this page. It’s safe to say that I don’t always write English haiku – but the poems on this blog have 5-7-5 syllabic structure and three lines. So they are at the very least, micropoetry inspired very much by haiku. Many are English haiku, in my opinion.

I write on many different subjects – often nature – but not always. I write about what occurs to me, as the muse guides. But I certainly do love traditional haiku!

And, as for why I have 7 blogs . . . I can’t really have one blog with 12,000 “haiku” on it (or 18,000). It would be impossible to sift through and read the poems with much success. But I could see such a humongous blog event occurring a few years down the road if I keep writing, which I’m certain I will do. So I’m trying to find domain names and blog templates I like. Of course, I must admit that I love working with the blog themes, picking the colors, and working with the HTML code, too. I’m a lifelong visual artist, so there is that, too.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope you find some little 3-liners you like.

Robert Terrell